Sunday, January 20, 2008

Ponbiki VS Terrabolt

Well hes back Ponbiki will be in a new installment with a full cast. He took a big bump in the head at the Zuda comics and past out and came to his sences. Hes new story is gonna take the movie spoff lane making fun of many buddie style movies with crazy plots and such..thiers gonna be hilarity in every corner. Cast for this comic will be new and old.. for those people ever heard of my first comic ever published a character named Stratejo will be in it, and those people who ever been to void a famous Hip Hop Mummy will be joining the world of action comics.
The title is still a secret,,,well its no secret we still have no tittle but hey its cool.
Im trying to get it out this summer but if i can't possibly by the end of the year.
the Big red guy is Terrabolt and the little dude is Ponbiki.

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