Wednesday, April 24, 2013


robot Abe Lincoln.


robot Washington.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

2d walk Cycle

 2d walk cycle for my introduction to animation class.

2d lip sync

for my animation class. Lip sync to tears in the rain.

The Princess

Princess for my space story. experimental coloring colors not set yet.


my lighting and material class we worked with caustic lighting this was really fun.

contest dude

a design i did for a contest over at deviant art for chamba's book didn't make it but its cool i like the design so i might use him on something else.

1 point garage

for my analysis of form we did 1 point perspective. The garage.


The Triangle.


my square dude.


this was for my analysis of form class. we were given a 3 shapes  a circle, triangle and a square and create a character with that shape in there design. here is my circle.

Ocho redesign

Character from my old Zuda entry named Junito, Ocho was a very important robot that Emilia
found in the ruins.

Lalen and machine gun

Saturn Space Sheriff


My bullet queen.

Estrella D' Muerte

My favorite Queen of the dead.

grimmy basement

lighting and texture class.  simple uv mapping and lighting effects.

Sam the Space Man

This is Sam's spaceship la Pulga.( the flea). This is page one to story I'm working on for the comic club I joined at school.


A warrior that guards a Princess in one of my stories.


tough android

robot warrior

damaged robot

little villains

little heroes